Quality products we use and stand by.
At Murray Construction Services, Inc., we pride ourselves in using the best. We don’t just use what we can get our hands on at the lumberyard, we research the materials we use and instill application procedures with our employees so that our installations are consistent and right the first time.  Here you will find products that we use, recommend, stand by and how we install them!

Insulation, sideing, weatherisation, windows and doors, here at Murray... more

Our window flashing appication technique... more

At Murray Construction Services, Inc., we provide our clients with the information regarding the latest Cal OSHA standards... more
Infrared Thermography
infrared   infrared
We can see in the infrared spectrum. An exciting technology that allows us to see moisture and energy related problems in construction that may not be visible to the human eye. In many instances, defects can be detected in a matter of minutes...
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